Partners In Health Canada: 'Prove What Is Possible' campaign

October 2012,

Over the past quarter century, Partners In Health has become a global health game-changer by proving it is possible to effectively treat some of the world's most difficult and challenging diseases in rural and resource-poor settings. PIH's successes in areas such as HIV and MDR-TB treatment helped change international health policy and built momentum for the global health equity movement. Yet, as PIH enters its second 25 years, there are still those who believe that one standard of care for the wealthy and another for the poor is not just inevitable, but acceptable. We believe otherwise.

The Prove What Is Possible campaign will show what can and must be done for health equity by inspiring Canadians to take meaningful action in support of a healthier, more just world for all. With your help, we can break the cycle of poverty and disease for those less fortunate. Prove what is possible in your own life beginning on Oct. 25, and together we can prove what is possible for lives around the world. \

How It Works

Taking part in Prove What is Possible is easy. First, log on to After you choose how you're going to prove what is possible in your life (see below), you can register to create a personal fundraising page and set a fundraising goal. The system will guide you through all the steps needed to send out a customized message seeking support to friends, family and colleagues.

How You Can Prove What Is Possible

What have others said you couldn't do? What have you always wanted to do but haven't? What would make you feel proud or give you a sense of satisfaction? Try one of the three areas below, the possibilities are limitless:

Get healthy: Decide to get active and raise funds and you'll truly be sharing the health! There are countless ways to keep mind and body healthy while encouraging others to support your efforts. Here are a few to get you started.

  • Run a 5K or 10K for the first time
  • Start a workout program
  • Go on an epic day]long dawn]dusk hike with your family . or go on one hour]long walk for every day for the rest of the year
  • Do your own mini one-day triathlon

Get helping: The fight for social justice and global health equity doesn't mean better international health. It means health care for everyone. Connecting with those in need in our own communities while raising funds for PIH Canada's work overseas is a great way to prove the point.

  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter, a local hospital, a community center
  • Organize a community clean-up day
  • Make a vow to spend more time listening to others and act on what you've learned
  • Volunteer your professional skills

Get Together: Build a team at the office or at school. Join with family and friends to make proving what is possible a group project. Maybe you have a family reunion or corporate retreat coming up? Pick an activity that is meaningful to the group, register as a team and inspire each other with what you can accomplish. It's time to raise the bar on our delivery of social justice and health equity for everyone.

Partners In Health Canada has just launched a new website at and a PIH Canada facebook page at To find out all the ways in Canada you can support Partners In Health's work, go to this page :