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 By Johnny Harris & Tian Wang, Vox Borders, Oct. 17, 2017

The island of Hispaniola is home to two very different countries: Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Infant mortality rates in Haiti are 2.5 times higher, and Haitians are almost 10 times poorer per capita than Dominicans.

I visited the island to investigate how these differences play out in the lives of its residents. As I traveled through Haiti and the Dominican Republic, I saw the stark disparities that are deeply rooted in history, all the way back to their colonial origins. The stage was set hundreds of years ago, but the story continues today.

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Posted Oct. 17, 2017

Canadian Foreign Policy

By Mexican Network of Mining Affected People, The Bullet,  Oct. 12, 2017

As Prime Minister Trudeau makes his first official visit to Mexico, writes Mining Watch Canada, “the Mexican Network of Mining Affected People” (REMA by its initials in Spanish) has issued a communiqué to call on Trudeau to live up to his commitments and stop the devastation of Indigenous and campesino communities that has enabled Canadian mining companies to make big profits.

“Canadian investment in Mexico – the principal destination abroad for Canadian mining investment after the U.S. – is expanding precisely in the most deadly places for anyone to get by on a daily basis, let alone speak out in defence of their land and wellbeing. As the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement is…